Posted on: 2019-05-14 05:02:10

Do you scream? Of course, everybody does. Who else doesn’t scream? Everybody loves a good scary story. Do you know anyone with real spooky experience? Do you believe in life after death? Have you ever seen a spirit of a once-living person?

It is no wonder that ghosts are popular. And one can experience their existence without a doubt. Are you ready to earn the spooky experience in Charlotte? Find the cheapest flights to Charlotte and let the fun begin.

Have you ever thought a city that looks beautiful, could have a secret? A secret that no one could unveil. Wondering why people love spending a vacation in Charlotte then? Of course, they might be unaware of this fact.

Charlotte is probably more haunted than you might expect. To experience the high concentration of paranormal activity, book flights to Charlotte and be ready with your backpack.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and find the spookiest places in the city:

1. Founders Hall

Founders Hall at one time served as a medical school. It is one of the most haunted buildings in Charlotte. In the late 1800s, a girl’s body was stolen from her grave and sold to a school. After that, people began to see a little girl wandering in Founders Hall. Even today, she is spotted from time to time but she has stopped screaming.

2. Old Fire Station

This station was originally built back in 1925 and now, it is counted as one of the most haunted buildings in the city. On April 1, 1934, a firefighter was running to slide down the fireman’s pole and wound up falling into a hole. His skull was fractured and he died on the spot. It is believed that he still lives in Old Fire Station.

3. Carolina Theatre

Carolina Theatre first opened its doors in 1927. It boasts a resident ghost ‘Fred’ who is mostly harmless. He causes spot trouble around the theatre like turning lights on and off and showing himself as a pale white ghoul on the balcony. The interesting thing is that there is a tradition for all staff and performers to bid Fred good night to offer respect to the spook when they leave.

4. Queens University

The school has a fascinating history which explains why there is paranormal activity going on. There are various different examples of paranormal activity. The Suzanne Little Rehearsal Hall, many students have spotted a well-dressed lady, who walks past them before vanishing into thin air.
The history of the city is mysterious that people might not want to know about. If you are ready for the spookiest vacation, then don’t wait and book your air ticket with US Cheap Ticket.