Posted on: 2019-05-14 04:01:46

Casablanca is a port city which has lately emerged as a commercial hub in the Western Moroccon region. The place is located just beside Atlantic Ocean making it one of the most beautiful spots of all time. Here you can come across some of the gorgeous architecture at this place. The architecture is a blend of Moorish style and European art and many people come at this place to draw inspiration from this architectural style. This is an exotic location and you will be amazed to see travellers coming from different parts of the country to enjoy here. Casablanca has some hidden gems which travellers love to explore. Get Cheap Flights from San Antonio to Casablanca.


Thus, time to get into some of the best locations of Casablanca which are worth visiting –

  1. Hassan II Mosque – Located on the shoreline, Hassan II Mosque is situated in the old city of Casablanca. This was finished in the year 1993 and is second largest mosque of the world. Both Muslims and Non muslims can enjoy a trip to this mosque. The mosque has world’s tallest minaret.
  2. Medina – This is mostly a businessman’s town. Here you will come across people who are the daily tradesman and they love to explore the city with their oil world charm. This is an old city of Medina which is untouched by any modernity or changes. Here you can still rejoice some of the old authentic dishes of Casablanca.
  3. Place Mohamed V – This is the central plaza of Casablanca which is home to a number of official buildings and state offices. This building was constructed in the late 20th century and this place boasts of some of the beautiful architectural style. During evening, this place is a favouarte for many people including locals and tourists.
  4. Corniche – This is the beach city of Casablanca where you can enjoy a peaceful walk beside the ocean. This place is home to many luxurious hotels and restaurants. Here you can enjoy some lip smacking delicious food and spend some quality time at the boats and cruises.
  5. Cathedral Du Scare Coeur – This was built in the year 1930s and the architecture of this place is truly an inspiration to a number of travellers. The structure is in dilapidated state but still boasts of beautiful structure.

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