Posted on: 2019-05-14 03:35:39

Miami is one hippest and hottest cities of the United States. Prior to you book Cheap Flights From San Francisco to Miami make sure that you do not miss to visit the below mentioned places in Miami:

  • Neptune Memorial Reef: At Neptune Memorial Reef, the ashes of dear ones are laid to rest 45 feet underneath the surface of the ocean. The underwater city and manmade reef are situated three and half miles off Key Biscayne's shore and cover almost sixteen acres of ocean floor. Even visiting loved ones is an intense experience; families must lease a boat to the site and scuba dive down to the reef.
  • Mondrian Hotel: One of hippest hotels of Miami, the Mondrian is home to the most extreme vending machine of the world. This machine is completely loaded and features high-priced and high-end treats. Automatically available are Nixon watches, MIANSAI jewelry, Urbanears headphones and Flight 001 travel accessories.
  • Dinner in the sky: Diners are perched 180 feet in the air and served a 5-course meal. Twenty two guests are fastened into leather seats that are fixed to the dining table. The table is associated to a crane that then lifts this dinner party vertically. With a view overlooking the Coconut Creek of Miami, this is a dining experience that one must not forget to enjoy when here at Miami.
  • Circ X: Located in Miami, Circ X is a company which is composed of trained singers, dancers and actors, all with degrees from dance or theater conservatories. At every performance, Circ X takes center stage in handmade, innovative, barely-there costumes using materials such as hand-cut steel and LED lights. The group rehearses more than 50 hours a week and performs more than 100 unique spectacular shows a year.

So, if you want to enjoy any of these above mentioned hotspots in Miami, make sure that you book cheap flights from Las Vegas to Miami. When booking cheap flights to Miami, do not forget to avail the special deals and offers. This will help you in saving a lot of money on flight tickets.