Posted on: 2019-05-14 05:01:48

Cheap Flights from San Francisco to Bangkok - Bangkok is one of the most preferred shopping cities in the world. It has a great selection of enormous aristocratic shopping centers with stylish international and Asian fashion design, but once you just visit on the street and market you will find all types of cool and inexpensive stuff.

Inexpensive shopping in Bangkok could be enjoyed in shopping malls as well as markets. Each of these places amuses shoppers with the astonishingly large number of stores, which may range from 500 to 8000. Mentioned below are some of the best shopping places in Bangkok which you just cannot afford to miss when you are in the city:

CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET: This is one of the largest markets in the world which houses more than 8000 stalls. Some of the most popular things to check out here include ceramics, antiques, souvenirs and home furniture. You can also buy stunning Thai handicrafts from Chatuchak market as well.

PAN TIP PLAZA: This is one stop shop for all kinds of electronic items. Starting from computer software and hardware to tech-related gadgets you can find here almost everything. The best thing about shopping from Pan Tip Plaza is that buyers can have numerous options to choose from and can get things at economical and wholesale prices.

UNION MALL: Union Mall has roomy pathways filled with shops from one after the other. The mall has more than 1000 retail shops; among them the most popular ones are boutique stores which sell trendy and unique apparels.

PLATINUM FASHION MALL: This shopping mall is known for the wholesale clothes and accessories. Fashionable clothes here come from a range of fashion hubs of Asia such as Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong and thus the range of styles is magnificent. Unlike a usual mall, Platinum is where price tags are not fixed. As a result the excitement of street shopping can be experienced in the confines of an air conditioned area.

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