Airport Transfers

Q 1. How does the process of buying an airport transfer work?

The task is quite easy. Now, you can buy the appropriate airport transfer services for your trip after you book your tickets through US Cheap Ticket. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Enter the details according to your search criteria that include the time and date of your flight, airport name, address or the location, and the number of people traveling.

  • To find the airport transfer services that match your criteria and budget, click on the search bar.

  • Now, you will be rewarded with the options for airport transfer services that will meet your criteria.

  • Select the most appropriate option and it will be added to your booking made through US Cheap Ticket.

  • Now, you will receive an email as a confirmation on the address you used for your booking.

Q 2. If my airplane will be late, do I have to change my pick-up time?

No. Actually, airport transfer service providers monitor customers’ flights by flight tracking software. This way transfer service provider will be aware of all the changes if your flight delays automatically and adjust the pickup time accordingly. Now, you will not face any inconvenience in the airport transfer process.

However, you should contact your provider when you become aware of any change in your flight’s schedule to confirm the change. You can call or text the provider on the number in the airport transfer section of your email confirmation.

Q 3. How do I cancel my airport transfer?

If you want to cancel the airport transfer within the time limit for cancellation that has been set by the provider, then you can give a call to the operator of US Cheap Ticket or the fare portal by using the phone number given in the airport transfer section of your email you received as confirmation.

Q 4. How do I book an airport transfer for my trip?

Once you make a reservation on US Cheap Ticket, you will be able to book an airport transfer as well. You will also have a choice to buy one-way or roundtrip transfer. You can also choose a transfer between your destination airport and the place you will visit if you already have a ride to your departure airport.

Q 5. What types of vehicles can I book for my airport transfer?

A variety of motor vehicles are available for airport transfer but each with a different cost. You can choose from low-cost and basic services like a shared shuttle to expensive services like private economy cars and sports utility vehicles. You also have premium options such as private luxury cars, private bus or limousines to reach your location from the airport.


Q 1. When can I expect my refund?

If the airline rules allow for a cancellation, you can expect the refund within 7-14 business days. Please note that it depends on airlines and your booking institution’s policy. If in case the refund is processed but may not reflect on your bank statement, please contact your bank to verify the refund is received.

Q 2. I want to confirm my reservation.

After booking flights on US Cheap Ticket, you will receive a confirmation mail. You can get all the details related to confirmation in this mail. In case you do not find any mail, please contact our customer support team by giving a call at +1-833-335-8222 or through mail [email protected]

Q 3. Why have I not received my refund?

Any refund requested after 24 hours of making reservations is based solely on the airline’s policies. If approved, the refund will reflect on your bank statement within 7 business days. The refund may take longer than originally anticipated in some cases.

Q 4. How do I obtain a receipt for my travel reservation?

You will receive an email once your booking is confirmed. The email includes your itinerary details and the total cost. You will also get an email when your ticket is issued and you will receive e-ticket information.

Q 5. I cancelled my booking the same day I made it. When will the charges be credited?

When you send a refund request on the same day you made the reservation, the funds will return to your account from 3 to 7 business days. It solely depends on the baking insinuation procedure through which you made the payment.


Q 1. How do I request a special meal for my flight?

Most airlines now charge for in-flight meals. But, some deny offering a meal service. You can place a request for meal when purchasing tickets online. You can directly call the airline for a special meal for your flight. But, be sure you place a request at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Please Note: the request is not guaranteed and depends on the airline rules.

Q 2. Can you email a quote for flights?

When flight fills up throughout the day, the airline’s fare fluctuates frequently. That’s why we are unable to email a quote for flights. Fares are not fixed until booked. You can contact us to seize the best deals at +1-833-335-8222.

Q 3. Are the airfares guaranteed?

No. all airfares are subject to change and not guaranteed until the payment has been made and a ticket has been issued.

Q 4. How do I change an existing reservation?

To change an existing reservation, you can contact our customer support team at +1-833-335-822 and make any changes. Please note you have to pay change fee charged by airline per ticket. But, additional fees and rules may apply that include:

  • You must use the same airline.

  • You cannot change the traveler’s name.

  • You must cancel the original reservation before the departure date and time.

  • You are not allowed to make changes to routing, dates or other details.

  • Some airlines don’t allow you to make changes even with a fee.

Q 5. Can I make reservations for last minute travel?

The processing time of some bookings may be up to three business days. That’s why you are not able to book last minute travel. However, you can call our customer support team at +1-833-335-8222 for help.

Travel Protection

Q 1. Why should I buy the travel protection plan?

Unforeseen sickness or medical emergency, passport and luggage theft can cause trouble even if the trip is well-planned. By purchasing the travel protection plan, you can ensure a safe and secure trip against the unexpected troubles.

Q 2. Is there coverage for a terrorist incident?

Yes, you can claim the coverage for a terrorist incident that occurs within 30 days of your scheduled departure date under this insurance plan. If the travel supplier provides a substitute itinerary, you may not be able to claim the benefits. You should check the description of coverage before purchasing travel protection plan.

Q 3. What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

You can claim the benefit amount from the insurer of up to “$200”. They offer benefits for reasonable recommendations, local transportation expenses, and meals. You can claim the maximum benefit amount if insured is delayed for more than 12 hours during your trip, due to:

  • Hijacking, natural disaster, terrorism or riot

  • If the weather condition is preventing you from getting to the point of departure

  • Lost or stolen of the travel document, money, and passport.

  • Any delay of the common carrier

Q 4. What travel arrangements are eligible for coverage?

Travel arrangements booked through US Cheap Ticket and do not include arrangements made independently or outside of this website.

Q 5. Do I have coverage if my luggage does not arrive at my destination?

We will reimburse up to $200 for the cost of clothing and personal articles purchased by you. We will also reimburse $50 for during your trip if the luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours. But, this coverage will be terminated when you arrive at the return destination of your trip.

Visa/ Passport Assistance

Q 1. What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?

Visa duration is the time that permits your maximum stay in a country and validity refers to the duration of time before your visa expires. For instance, the Brazilian multiple entry visas have a validity of 5 years, but the maximum stay duration at the one place is three months.

Q 2. How do I know if I need a Passport and/or Visa for my travel?

Most countries require both passport and visa for travel. If you still have a doubt regarding the same, call on +1-833-335-8222 to speak to a travel expert and know the requirement of visa and passport.

Q 3. I have an urgent need for a Passport, what can I do?

Passport processing can be speedup according to your requirements, once all the documents are received. You can consider ‘Rush’ services to get your passport for 3 to 10 business days. If you want it within 2 days or less, you can consider ‘Emergency’ services.

Q 4. To apply for a Visa, how long must my Passport be valid?

Most countries require that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months your scheduled return to the USA if you want to apply for the visa. If you don’t meet the criteria, you need to renew your passport first.

Q 5. If a Visa is required; do I need to send in my actual Passport?

Of course, the passport needs to be submitted for most countries to get a stamp on one of the blank visa pages.