Cheap Flights from Chicago to Denver

Fly Out of Chicago and Explore Denver

Covering the distance between Chicago’s sharp skyline and mountain views of Denver is no big deal if you take a direct flight. We help you cover this distance even with a shoestring budget. We collect the best flight deals that you can avail at a competitive price.

Routes from Chicago to Denver

The most popular route is from O’Hare International Airport to Denver International Airport when you want to fly from Chicago to Denver. The distance between Chicago and Denver is 872 miles that you can easily cover it in 2 hours and 30 minutes with a direct flight. Around 80 million passengers make their journey from O’Hare International Airport each year.

If you are planning to make your way to Denver from Chicago airport, you have a huge choice of affordable flight options. The airlines operating from Chicago to Denver include:

  • American Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines

  • United Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

Arriving in Denver

We aim to make your Denver trip affordable. That’s why we offer quick access to pocket-friendly flight deals. We have dozens of excellent deals that you can seize to trim your flight cost. After taking a flight from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, you will land at Denver International Airport where you can take advantage of taxis, private cabs, and public transportation to reach downtown.

The natural beauty of Denver often attracts nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts like a magnet. People often flock to Denver to see beautiful surrounding on all sides. The gorgeous scenery and mountains make Denver a perfect spot to discover if you are adventure seeker.

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