Cheap Flights from Chicago to Miami

Escape Chicago and Explore Miami

Whether you are planning an escape for a family vacation or a solo trip, we can help you find the cheapest deals on flights to Miami. We aim to make your travel affordable that’s why we arrange thousands of deals on flights from Chicago to Miami.

Popular Route for Your Miami Trip

The largest airport in Chicago is O’Hare International Airport that serves 90 direct flights to Miami each week. You can also take direct flights from Chicago Midway Airport to land at Miami International Airport. The flight from Chicago to Miami takes three hours to cover the distance of 1.205 miles. O’Hare International Airport is just 14 miles from the downtown and handles 80 million passengers every year.

Midway International Airport is another departure point in Chicago, located around 8 miles to the southwest of the loop business district. Chicago Midway Airport is smaller than O’Hare International Airport and handles more than 22 million passengers annually.

Miami Airport

If you land in Miami International Airport or MIA, you have to cover the distance of 8 miles to reach the downtown area. Miami International Airport is the biggest airport in the state and handles more than 45 million passengers every year.

The alternate airport is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, which is located over 20 miles to the north of the Miami City. You can now choose the airport according to your travel plan. Car rental services and taxi services are also available for you to reach downtown.

Airline Options

If you are flying out of Chicago O’Hare, the airline options you will have then are:

  • Frontier Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • United Airlines

If you are flying from Chicago Midway Airport to Miami, the airlines you can choose are:

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

  • Porter Airlines

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