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Are you in a mood for relaxing on the beach? Head out to Miami and save a huge amount of money on flights with us. We make it convenient for you to find cheap flights from Las Vegas to Miami. We have the exciting discounts to grab if you are planning to leave Las Vegas and enjoy vacations in Miami.

Get Ready to Fly Out of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a vibrant city with two major airports. McCarran International Airport and North Las Vegas Airport serve the city of Las Vegas and provide both cargo and passenger services. You can take public buses, inter-city shuttles, rental cars, and taxi to reach the airport from the downtown area. In fact, you can grab something to eat at McCarran International Airport before landing in Miami.

Cheap Flights to Miami

We strive to arrange exclusive flight deals that match your budget. In fact, our customer support team stays in touch with you during the flight reservation process to make you feel comfortable. The direct flight from Mccarran International Airport takes five hours to reach Miami International Airport.

Miami is alive with amazing nightlife and stunning tourist attractions. If you are in a mood for a beach vacation, no place is better than Miami. After landing at Miami International Airport, you have plenty of options to reach your desired destination. Bus, taxi, and a rental car are the popular options you can consider to get around downtown Miami.

Airlines You Can Choose

You can choose any of the following major domestic carriers to reach Miami from Las Vegas:

  • Delta Air Lines

  • American Airlines

  • United Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

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