Cheap Flights from Las Vegas to San Francisco

All About Your Trip to San Francisco

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Departing from Las Vegas

If you are flying out of Las Vegas, you will depart from McCarran International Airport. You will take flight from terminal 1 or 3, as there is no terminal 2. To confirm which terminal you should read to fly out of Las Vegas, you can check your booking details beforehand because both the terminals are in separate building complexes. Both the buildings offer separate parking, baggage, and even check-in facilities. Apart from this, you will find various shops and restaurants separately.

Arriving in San Francisco

After landing at San Francisco Airport, you will have various options to get to your preferred destination. You can take public transport to and from San Francisco Airport whenever you want. The BART, bus services, and rental cars are easily available. To make your travel experience smooth, you have various options to choose from according to your needs and budget.

You have many options to consider when you want to explore San Francisco. We can help you to locate the cheapest flight option to save your money in no time.

Airline Options You Have

There are a number of airlines flying to San Francisco from Las Vegas. Generally, flights take one hour and thirty minutes to reach San Francisco from Las Vegas. You will most likely to pick direct flights and here the options:

  • United Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

  • JetBlue Airlines

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Virgin America Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

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