Cheap Flights from Orlando to New York

Ready to Take Off from Orlando?

If you are ready to fly from Orlando, it is never a bad idea to land in New York City. We can definitely help you get a good bargain when you want to fly from Orlando to New York. We arrange incredible deals on air tickets to make traveling affordable for you. Whether you want to get out of the city just for a change or wish to experience a different culture, we have the cheapest flight deals available for you.

Popular Route from Orlando to New York

With us, it is easy to find affordable flights when you want to head to New York from Orlando. You have to choose Orlando International Airport when you want to take off. New York City has three airports that you can choose to land at according to your travel plans. You can catch a flight from Orlando to any following airports in New York

  • John F Kennedy International Airport

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

  • LaGuardia airports

You have to cover the journey of two and a half hours to reach New York from Orlando. The distance you have to cover is around 950 miles to reach New York City. Sometimes, the route your flight takes depends on the weather condition and the airport you are flying to.

Airlines You Can Choose

When heading to New York, Orlando International Airport offers you choices on airlines. Now, you can pick the airline according to your choice. Here is a list of airlines flying from Orlando to New York:

  • United Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • JetBlue Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

Consult with Our Experts

If you are confused about how to locate the cheapest flight options, then our experts can help. US Cheap Ticket has a dedicated customer support team that works round-the-clock. Now, give us a call and get affordable deals on air tickets right away!