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Are you ready to take off from San Francisco to land in Boston? Whether you want to take a break or wish to plan a family reunion, we will definitely help you get the best deals on your flights from San Francisco to Boston. We understand that fluctuating airfares can frustrate. That’s why we are here to make the task of finding cheap flights easy.

Airports in San Francisco

The city of California, San Francisco is served by San Francisco Airport. This airport is not only a major gateway to Asia and Europe but also serves the San Francisco Bay Area. The airport is located 13 miles away from the Downtown area. Bring the largest airport in North California and the second busiest in California, San Francisco Airport is well connected to every nook of the city via a great transportation network such as public buses, vans, shared ride, taxis, and BART.

Get Ready to Explore Boston

The most populous city, Boston offers a lot of activities to enjoy. With a plethora of historic places, Boston is indeed an excellent city for those, who are interested to dig deep into history. With the top seafood restaurants, world-class museums, and picturesque waterfront, Boston brings you a lot to explore. Get a mix of history and modern culture in the city.

When you fly from San Francisco, you will land at Boston Logan International Airport. To reach Boston from San Francisco, you have to cover the distance of 4,297 Km. The airport in Boston offers many amenities that include a spa and a children’s play area. You can take water taxis to get from the airport to your final destination. You can also consider taking the subway, which is the least expensive option.

Some airlines you can take to fly from San Francisco to Boston are Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines.

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