Cheap Flights from San Francisco to New York

Travel Around New York City at Cheaper Price

Do you want to have a break in the bustling city “New York City”? Whether you want to stay rejuvenated or wish for a change, New York City is indeed a perfect choice. We have all the tricks to trim your travel cost. Now, grab exciting deals, book cheap flights from San Francisco to New York City, and pack your bag to fly right away.

Airports Near San Francisco

Before you book flights from San Francisco, you should have details about the airports near the city. San Francisco’s airports are not just big and busy but also a traveler-friendly. Here are the four airports you can use to fly out of San Francisco:

  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)

  • San Jose International Airport (SJC)

  • Sonoma County Airport (STS)

Obviously, you don’t want to play a guessing game when planning a trip to New York. If you are flying out of San Francisco, you will leave from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The airport is located 13 miles away from the downtown area. You can take public transport, buses, and rental cars to reach the airport. SFO is the busiest and major airport to choose to fly to New York and lets you enjoy free Wi- Fi

Distance and Airlines

To reach New York from San Francisco, you will have to cover around 2,500 miles. In fact, you can cover the journey in around six hours if you are on a direct flight. There are various airlines flying from San Francisco to New York City. Now, you can plan a journey according to your choice and comfort. Check out the list of airlines you can consider:

  • US Airways

  • American Airlines

  • United Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • JetBlue Airways

Flight Deal Options on US Cheap Ticket

Whether you want to fly business class or wish to book economy class, we have the special flight deals for you. Use our free airfare comparison tool and book the cheapest flight available.