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Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is situated between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. It is a small island in the Pacific Ocean with a small population of around eighteen hundred people only. This small island has its own flag with a pine as a symbol. The pine is exported from Norfolk Island as it is evergreen with it. Along with great history attached to it, the island is picturesque and extremely scenic thereby making it a popular tourist destination. To compliment it further, the climate is mild with the temperatures never falling below 10 degrees and never rising above 26 degrees. What more could one ask for! This makes it the best place to escape to especially for people who come from very cold or hot places. American tourists flock to this island only because of the amazing climate and weather the place has to offer. Statistics say that year on year the number of travellers from the United States increase and they like to spend to their vacations there. The place has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, culinary delights and so on. It can be termed as a tourist’s paradise.

Best Time To Visit Norfolk Island :

Norfolk Island has such a climate, which makes sit conducive for tourists to visit anytime of the year, but still it is recommended to travel in spring when everything is in bloom and all the tourist attractions would definitely be open. They do close some of them during the year to refurbish and renovate. The months of June and July are good before the schools break for holidays and one can avoid the summer rush. The hotels get filled up fast and also become more expensive due to it being season time. September maybe even better to get sunny weather which tourist who come from cold places might prefer.

Reasons To Visit Norfolk Island:

Norfolk Island has so much to offer that a tourist could easily be sold to the idea of going for a vacation there. Following are the reasons:

  • Old Town :

    Flights to Norfolk Island

    Kingston is the capital of Norfolk Island and the old Kingstown town allows you to witness the historic ruins depicting the amount of history attached to this place. The buildings are well preserved and the place is breathtaking to see.

  • Mount Pitt lookout :

    Cheap Flights to Norfolk Island

    interestingly Mount Pitt is located at three hundred and twenty meter above sea level and gives you a three hundred sixty-degree view of the island. It is a good place to have a picnic and enjoy the panoramic view at the same time. It is a starting point for some amazing walks, one of which leads to the highest peak Mount Bates.

  • Philip Island:

    Lowest Airfares to Norfolk Island

    Located south of Norfolk Island, this island has striking colours of red, purple, yellows and greys. There are guided tours available and one can choose form boat tours to treks to get to the island. You can see a number sea birds and endangered and plants.

  • Water sports :

    Norfolk Island Flight Tickets

    Norfolk Island has a number of water sports to offer such as snorkelling, surfing and reef tours.

  • Winery :

    Cheap Norfolk Island flights

    End your day with a visit to the two chimneys winery offering gourmet culinary experience and a unique wine tasting experience. One can even buy wines from their cellar and it is worth it as they make their own wine.

Flying To Norfolk Island From Top US Cities :

There are options to get to Norfolk Island from top US cities. You would need to fly to Brisbane or Sydney and for that you can find many airline ticket deals to Norfolk Island. Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates are some airlines that fly to Norfolk Island from US cities. So, all those who want to travel to the island can also plan their trip in such a way and book cheap Norfolk Island flights to reach Brisbane or Sydney and take get the flight to the island from there. All you need to do is to log onto a travel website and look for cheap air tickets to Norfolk Island.<./b> It is also a good idea to compare air tickets Norfolk Island on a few websites to get the best deal.

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