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Noumea, the capital city of New Caledonia, is a part of New Caledonia's main island. Noumea's outstanding stretch of bay surrounds it with every tinge of blue, green, and turquoise. The amazing combination of natural light and seawater will blow your mind. Noumea is known for combination of French and Melanesian hospitality besides European elegance. Apart from the finest beaches and islands, you'll find some amazing French restaurants and designer boutiques here. Number of Americans entering Noumea for tourism purpose has significantly increased from the last few years; approximately 77 million Americans have visited last year. They love beaches, islands, variety of cuisines, adventurous activities, and friendly people of Noumea. All this pulls them to Noumea in huge number each year.

Best Time To Visit Noumea :

The best time to visit Noumea actually depends on what are you planning to do in Noumea. There are four seasons in total, in which 2 are main seasons and the other 2 are short transitional seasons. The winter season is from June to August and the summer season is from November to March. April to May and September to November are the two transitional seasons. The cooler months between April to August are ideal for rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding; May to September is best for water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. If you want to go for sailing, then the best is between April and November. If you want to enjoy the nature and spend more time in island, then second transitional season, September to November is perfect. All in all, know your priority before planning your vacation to Noumea.

Reasons To Visit Noumea:

Following are some of the reasons to book your tickets to Noumea next time when you plan your vacation with your friends and family:

  • It's a natural wonderland :

    Cheap Flights to Noumea

    New Caledonia is set inside the world's most beautiful lagoon. Here you'll find diverse range of coral, colorful clams, and more than 2000 fish species. Moreover, if you visit Noumea, you should definitely make your way to the exotic east coast by boat. This is where the main attraction of the city, Isle of Pine is situated.

  • The unique French/Melanesian culture:

    Book Cheap Flights to Noumea

    Though English is widely spoken, you'll find the combination of French/Melanesian culture here. Make sure to visit Tjibaou Cultural Centre where you'll get to learn about the native Kanak culture and contemporary Pacific art and sculpture.

  • Cuisine:

    Book Cheap Tickets to Noumea

    The best thing about Noumea is the variety in cuisine as well as price range. You can choose from dozens of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Enjoy the French cooking with local, tropical ingredients.

  • Adventurous activities:

    Tickets to Noumea

    No trip to Noumea is complete without submerging yourself into the sea in beautiful Pacific island. Explore the bays with kayak, jet ski, parasailing, scuba diving, etc.

  • Exciting nightlife:

    Noumea flight tickets

    You can pick from numerous bars and clubs within walking distance from Noumea accommodation strip. Noumea is known for unlimited fun during nights.

Flying To Noumea From Top US Cities :

You can search online for best deals and offers to book cheap air tickets to Noumea from some of the major cities in the US. Qantas, Air Tahiti Nui, Fiji Airways, Air France, and Air New Zealand are some of the popular airlines flying from major cities of the US to Noumea. You can search on various travel portals and compare air tickets Noumea and choose the best deal. Most importantly, book the tickets in advance to get cheap flights to Noumea. If you've enough time, keep looking for fare sales before booking. You might find a cheaper price for the same flight elsewhere. All in all, booking a flight need not be stressful if you plan your vacation in advance.

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