Best Flight Offers to Durban
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New York Durban

Starting From $1090* 03-Jan-2020 to 10-Jan-2020
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Chicago Durban

Starting From $1227* 07-Jan-2020 to 14-Jan-2020
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Boston Durban

Starting From $1280* 13-Jan-2020 to 20-Jan-2020
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Santiago Durban

Starting From $1182* 04-Feb-2020 to 11-Feb-2020
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Orlando Durban

Starting From $1157* 21-Jan-2020 to 28-Jan-2020
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Washington DC DC Durban

Starting From $1132* 01-Feb-2020 to 08-Feb-2020

Cheapest Flights to Durban

Get Ready to Explore the Enchanting Coastal City

Durban is the popular tourist spot in South Africa. The haven for surfers on earth and the beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean attracts tourists from every nook of the world. The mild subtropical climate and excellent infrastructure would be enough to make your itinerary enjoyable in Durban.

The city is full of sunshine and brings you countless reasons to plan your trip right away. Travelers, who are in the search of sea, surf, and sun, should never miss this place. The aroma of exotic spices and buzzing multicultural vibes will surely make your trip to Durban blissful.

What Makes Durban The Finest Destination?

  • Umgeni River Bird Park
  • Umgeni River Bird Park on the north bank of Umgeni River brings you a chance to stare at the beautiful birds and take a glimpse at nature’s kind. Over 200 species of birds will surely make you feel amazed here. Taking a stroll through lush green area will surely bring you close to nature.

  • Indian Quarter
  • Durban’s Indian Quarter is the multicultural mix of sights and exotic aroma. Here you will get everything from spices and handmade jewelry. The place is just perfect for savvy shoppers.

  • Ushaka Marine World
  • It is one of the main attractions. Ushaka Marine World is the water-themed wonderland where you will find amazing attractions. Dolphin stadium, penguin rookery, and seal stadium are one of the major attractions here. For a fun day, explore sea-themed attractions here and taste the delicious food at the village walk.

  • Valley of a Thousand Hills
  • The valley of thousand hills is the beautiful region of gently rounded hills. The place is sprinkled with breathtaking viewpoints, gorges, and villages.

With plenty of outdoor adventures, Durban has everything to make your travel experience unique. Now, let the backpacker inside you come out and explore the world.