Best Flight Offers to Hannover
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New York Hannover

Starting From $965* 19-Jan-2020 to 26-Jan-2020
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Chicago Hannover

Starting From $907* 13-Jan-2020 to 20-Jan-2020
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Boston Hannover

Starting From $1021* 20-Jan-2020 to 27-Jan-2020
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Santiago Hannover

Starting From $1096* 28-Jan-2020 to 05-Feb-2020
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Orlando Hannover

Starting From $1296* 04-Feb-2020 to 11-Feb-2020
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Washington DC Hannover

Starting From $1121* 07-Feb-2020 to 14-Feb-2020

Explore the Natural Landscapes in Hannover

Despite having the modern look, Hannover has a long and interesting history. The city will definitely give you a fun experience and lets you capture the charm of old-world. The picturesque cathedrals, sculptures, and monuments here will surely give you the feel of the 14th century.

With the diverse collection of fossils, art, artefacts, and events, the museums in Hannover impress travelers with different taste. If you are planning to explore Hannover this time, below are the places you should never miss at any cost:

  • Marktplatz
  • Marktplatz is the place from where you can see the entire old town. In fact, it is the perfect place to start exploring the city’s sights. If you want to see how the typical German old town looks like, this place will definitely give you the precise idea.

  • Hanover Opera House
  • Hanover Opera House was built in 1852, which is now home to Staatsoper Hannover, the city’s professional opera company. The place is perfect for opera fans and offers a great experience during the season. The bullet performance is also scheduled throughout the year here.

  • Leine Palace
  • Leine Palace is pleasant to explore on foot. The palace is situated in Hannover’s old town and was constructed in the 17th century. Take a five-minute walk away across the river and explore the New Town Church.

  • The Maschsee
  • This artificial lake is just perfect to make your day trip enjoyable in the heart of Hannover. You can visit this place for a variety of activities and leisure purposes.

  • Hannover Adventure Zoo
  • Hannover Adventure Zoo is the fifth oldest zoological park in Germany. The fun areas include the seasonal winter zoo with its Christmas theme, the kids’ area, mullewapp with its popular rides.

With oodles of activities, Hannover is offering amazing opportunity to enjoy your vacation. Now, get ready and make a list of things you want to explore during your stay here.