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Plan Your Weekend Escape in Lisbon

There is no shortage of captivating ways to explore Lisbon and have a taste of its culture. With a reputation for style, a world-class restaurant, rich history and culture, the city has oodles of things to discover.

The mix of modern and old-fashioned culture will definitely make your Portuguese itinerary enjoyable. A walking tour is the best way of discovering the city. Since you are wandering in search of an escape from a hectic life, walking is no doubt a perfect way to uncover the fun in Lisbon.

If you can’t afford to miss the best things in Lisbon, you must have a list of picks for what to do. Here are the travel tips for where to go:

  • Torre de Belém
  • When touring through the city, if you have time to visit only one landmark, make Torre de Belém that one for good. The architectural style from the Mudejar to the Moorish will definitely cause you to raise your eyebrow.

  • Ride Tram 28
  • The historic and rattling tram lines are famous in the city and Tram 28 is more iconic than others. When riding Tram 28, you will get a people-watching opportunity from the windows. The ride will also let you discover the decades of history as you pass the castles along the route.

  • Plan A Trip to Sintra
  • The veterans of Portugal’s capital ask ‘did you go to Sintra?’ The beautiful town of Sintra is one of the major attractions. No matter if you plan a day trip to Sintra or want to spend a couple of days here, you will definitely get everything to stay entertained all the time.

  • Monastery of Jerónimos
  • Just a glance at the Monastery of Jerónimos will allow you to trace the glorious history. The fusion architectural designs, the Manueline style stands for the cultural encountered by Lisbon’s explorers. As the city’s UNESCO world heritage site, the monastery lets the visitors spend quality time here.

When you are in a mood for enjoying the city like Lisbon, you should never miss a chance to book your flights. Now, plan your itinerary and earn a great experience right away!