BestFlight Offers to Norfolk Island
American Airline Offers

New York Norfolk Island

Starting From $137* 12-Jan-2020 to 19-Jan-2020
United Airline Offers

Chicago Norfolk Island

Starting From $229* 23-Jan-2020 to 30-Jan-2020
Delta Airline Offers

Boston Norfolk Island

Starting From $166* 03-Feb-2020 to 10-Feb-2020
JetBlue Airline Offers

Santiago Norfolk Island

Starting From $1273* 17-Jan-2020 to 24-Jan-2020
Allegiant Airline Offers

Orlando Norfolk Island

Starting From $176* 04-Jan-2020 to 11-Jan-2020
Alaska Airline Offers

Washington DC DC Norfolk Island

Starting From $182* 19-Jan-2020 to 26-Jan-2020

Explore Rocky Beaches Covered in Lichen

With the mild sub-tropical climate stable temperature year-round, Norfolk Island is filled with culture, mystery, and history. If you want to entertain, educate, inspire yourself, this island is just perfect for your next itinerary. The fabulous Pacific sunrise and sunset with picture perfect surroundings will surely make you stay energetic all the time.

If you are still wondering what to do on Norfolk Island, you can get countless opportunities to keep yourself busy the whole time. Here are some amazing ideas that you should count on if you want to absorb the island vibes:

  • Visit Anson Bay
  • If you like BBQ or picnic on Norfolk Island, Anson Bay is the right place you can choose. Capture the glimpse of natural beauty here and take the walking track to explore the surroundings.

  • Mount Pitt
  • Take a 360 degree view around the island at Mount Pitt. The small rocks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean will give your eyes a pleasant view. Get up early in the morning and capture the beautiful pictures of surrounding.

  • Bedrock
  • The stunning scenery and fabulous food will surely let you enjoy the spectacular location. Bedrock café will definitely be the place where you would definitely like sitting in front of the ocean.

  • Philip Island
  • Tourist brochure is incomplete without Philip Island. The reptiles, sea birds, and rare plants are all you get in the island. Enjoy trekking with rocky track and get a soul-stirring experience.

  • National Park
  • If you are a wildlife lover, the place is just perfect for you, as around 10% of the island is dedicated to National Park. Bird enthusiasts’ will also enjoy capturing green parrots and a variety of other endemic bird.

Norfolk Island brings you oodles of opportunities to make your travel experience great. Before you pack your bag, be sure to prepare a bucket list.