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New York Paris

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Cheap Flights to Paris

Experience the Seductive Charm of Paris

It is pretty normal to get confused about what to do while wandering across Paris. When Paris comes to mind, no one likes to miss Eiffel Tower. With oodles of fascinating things to do in Paris, it might be tough to narrow down your travel wish list. After all, it's Paris and you can't afford to miss anything.

Get your dose of travel and stay calm while exploring the gems of the city. The legendary city has a lot to explore. Here are some unmissable things that you should definitely count on while making travel plan to Paris:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • When it's all about the Paris, who else denies talking about Eiffel Tower. Needless to say that Eiffel Tower is Paris's one of the most recognizable landmark that you can't forget to add in your travel wish list. You can say your trip to Paris is not completed without talking a stroll around Eiffel Tower.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Step inside the grandest and oldest cathedral in the world and see the nave. Here you will get the stunning view of Paris from the top of the cathedral.

  • The Louvre
  • The Louvre is the world's greatest art museum where you will see the works from every civilization on earth. The Mona Lisa, Winged victory, and Venus de Milo are the three most popular pieces of art.

  • Luxembourg Garden
  • With warm weather, get extremes of pleasures at Luxembourg Garden. Apart from sun-soaking, you can enjoy plenty of activities and stay calm all the time.

  • Take a Night Cruise
  • Instead of choosing a day cruise, hop on it in night and get a breathtaking experience. Here you will also get the bar inside the cruise with good price.

If you actually want to get the most out of your Paris trip, be sure to have a systematic plan. This way you can earn a good experience in a short span of time.