Best Flight Offers to St. Petersburg
American Airline Offers

New York St. Petersburg

Starting From $284* 11-Jan-2020 to 18-Jan-2020
United Airline Offers

Chicago St. Petersburg

Starting From $251* 13-Jan-2020 to 20-Jan-2020
Delta Airline Offers

Boston St. Petersburg

Starting From $237* 22-Jan-2020 to 27-Jan-2020
JetBlue Airline Offers

Santiago St. Petersburg

Starting From $915* 02-Feb-2020 to 09-Feb-2020
Allegiant Airline Offers

Orlando St. Petersburg

Starting From $312* 12-Feb-2020 to 19-Feb-2020
Alaska Airline Offers

Washington DC St. Petersburg

Starting From $257* 17-Jan-2020 to 24-Jan-2020

Interested in Sophistication and Culture?

If yes, then St. Petersburg is the perfect place to visit in Russia. With a true wealth of experiences and attractions to offer to its travelers, St. Petersburg is the most inspiring city in Russia. Culture, shopping, art, excellent Russian food, and architecture make it quite easy for travelers to spend a whole week in the former capital of Russia.

The second biggest city in Russia does not lack things to see, do and enjoy. With oodles of attractions to admire and enjoy, St. Petersburg is no doubt the perfect place for your Russia itinerary. The city has hundreds of tourist attractions that will make you confused what to do and see in the area.

Let’s take a look at the popular sights you can explore to make your St. Petersburg trip delightful:

  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is no doubt the most iconic sights in St. Petersburg. The church was built by Alexander III as a memorial to his late father. With the stunning architecture, you will enjoy spending a few hours of the day here.

  • Hermitage Museum
  • Hermitage Museum is counted as one of the oldest and the best museums in the world. St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum is located inside the winter Palace of Empress Catherine. The museum will definitely take your breath away and let you enjoy your day trip to the fullest.

  • Catherine Palace
  • St. Petersburg’s Catherine Palace is worth a visit. The world-famous amber room is the highlight here. The palace with its huge garden is literally the perfect sight to add to your bucket list.

  • Peterhof Palace
  • Peterhof Palace was the first imperial palace built outside St. Petersburg. It was used to be the main summer residence of Russian Tsars. The palace is richly decorated with classic architecture.

If you are planning to visit St. Petersburg from May to October, you will get a number of chances to explore the city by boat. Now, plan your itinerary and get a chance to be impressed by the city’s architecture and culture.