Best Flight Offers to Riyadh
American Airline Offers

New York Riyadh

Starting From $953* 17-Jan-2020 to 24-Jan-2020
United Airline Offers

Chicago Riyadh

Starting From $930* 09-Jan-2020 to 16-Jan-2020
Delta Airline Offers

Boston Riyadh

Starting From $972* 20-Jan-2020 to 27-Jan-2020
JetBlue Airline Offers

Santiago Riyadh

Starting From $1747* 14-Jan-2020 to 21-Jan-2020
Allegiant Airline Offers

Orlando Riyadh

Starting From $1388* 10-Feb-2020 to 17-Feb-2020
Alaska Airline Offers

Washington DC DC Riyadh

Starting From $1333* 07-Feb-2020 to 14-Feb-2020

Fall in Love with Riyadh This Time

If you are sitting at home and dreaming of adventure, you should count on Riyadh without any doubt. Now, it’s time to come out of your home and hop on a plane for a relaxing stay in Riyadh. With plenty of amazing activities, Riyadh lets you find the hidden treasures despite the strict rules and conservative nature.

Are you ready to discover the fun in Riyadh? Here are the places you should consider to get started:

  • Kingdom Center
  • The mall is known for its large collection of designer brands. With an entire floor dedicated to women, the Kingdom Center allows them to enjoy spas, high-class bar, and restaurants.

  • Riyadh Gallery
  • With the best designs and shopping malls, Riyadh Gallery is amazingly built where you can chill out. If you are shopping addict, you will get a lot of things here. The place is also ideal for the kids.

  • Salam Park
  • With the dancing fountain and open area for shows and events, Salam Park is one of the never-missed spots in Riyadh. The park is open 5 days Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday for family and bachelors can enjoy visiting this park on Monday and Wednesday. Kids can also enjoy skating and cycling there.

  • Red Sand Dunes
  • The Red Sand Dunes are the hidden valley in the northeastern Riyadh. You can spend an adventurous weekend in the desert here. This place is popular for both tourists and locals where one can rent a four-wheeler vehicle and have a BBQ.

  • Al Masmak Fort
  • The castle made of clay and mud-bricks played a significant role in the Kingdom’s history. The fort is still one of the great parts of the country’s tourism and features stunning architecture.

Riyadh has a lot of adventurous places to visit. You will also get some must-try dishes and snacks in the area. Needless to say, Riyadh will surely satisfy a travel bug in you.