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Getaway in Rome

Romantic Atmosphere, excellent art scene, and beautiful plazas are all you will get while roaming across Rome. The ancient Rome and historic tours make a perfect combination to ensure an enjoyable trip. The antiquity icons and Christian faith are all around the city.

When life goes boring, take a break and explore every nook of Rome. The positive vibes and historical scenes will surely rejuvenate your soul. The architecture and hills of Rome can make everyone feel energetic while strolling around.

To ensure you have great travel experience in Rome, don’t miss to explore the following spots:

  • Baths of Caracalla
  • It is the second largest public baths in Rome. Baths of Caracalla was built for political propaganda purposes and still keeps impressing the visitors.

  • Appian Way
  • The most famous ancient road in Rome, Appian Way is just an amazing spot to explore. The road connects the city with Brindisi in southeastern Italy.

  • National Roman Museum
  • If you want to dig deep into Rome’s history, culture, and heritage, the National Roman Museum is the best place to add in your bucket list. Capture the stunning view and admire the artistic use of marble here.

  • Ostia Antica
  • One of the important archeological sites, Ostia Antica was the seaport for Rome. It is located at the mount of River Tiber. With ancient buildings, the site should never be missed at any cost.

  • Palatine Hills
  • It is believed that Palatine Hills is the place where Rome was found. It is one of the Seven Hills of Rome and brings you a chance to explore the beauty of Rome from a different perspective.

You will surely enjoy a relaxing stay in Rome even after exploring all the top attractions. When you are in a mood for something new, head out to Rome and plan your staycation according to your interest.