Best Flight Offers to Zurich
American Airline Offers

New York Zurich

Starting From $666* 12-Jan-2020 to 19-Jan-2020
United Airline Offers

Chicago Zurich

Starting From $760* 14-Jan-2020 to 21-Jan-2020
Delta Airline Offers

Boston Zurich

Starting From $757* 25-Jan-2020 to 02-Feb-2020
JetBlue Airline Offers

Santiago Zurich

Starting From $982* 22-Jan-2020 to 29-Jan-2020
Allegiant Airline Offers

Orlando Zurich

Starting From $1099* 02-Feb-2020 to 09-Feb-2020
Alaska Airline Offers

Washington DC Zurich

Starting From $861* 12-Feb-2020 to 19-Feb-2020

Delightful and Fascinating Zurich

Love exploring every nook of the world? Travel is the only way to stay rejuvenated and relaxed. If you never think twice before booking your itinerary, you might be interested in chasing the chance to go on a Zurich trip.

With beautiful parks and abundance of green spaces, you will find plenty of things to explore while wandering across the city. From breathtaking views to myriad of tourists attractions, this largest city of Switzerland has everything you need to make your travel experience delightful.

Here is hand-picked list of the best places to visit in the city:

  • Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
  • Schweizerisches Landesmuseum is the most attractive tourist spot in the heart of Zurich. This place houses a great collection of cultural-cum-historical objects in a fairytale castle. Here you can take a history tour to enjoy traveling to Zurich.

  • Rietberg Museum
  • When you are on a Zurich sightseeing tour, you can explore Rietberg Museum nested amidst a beautiful garden. This museum houses a unique collection of art, beautifully carved Swiss mask, and cult objects form south America. Here you will also discover the Buddhist art from Asia and greenish-blue glass entrance that adds beauty to the museum.

  • Zurich Opera House
  • Zurich Opera House in the old town is the mecca of music. Here you will get a chance to enjoy the performances of popular singers and premiers. Around 250 performances take place every year. If you are a music lover, you will definitely enjoy music performances here.

  • Tonhalle
  • Zurich is no doubt a Paradise for music lovers. The Tonhalle is another spot where you will enjoy the music concerts. Every season, over 100 concerts are performed here by the team of prominent musicians.

If you are looking to book international itinerary and Zurich is in your mind, let the travel bug inside you out and plan a delightful holiday right away!