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Privacy Policy

Uscheapticket is an independent organization which specializes in travel bookings. We are not bound by the laws of any other private or government body, and we strictly follow our own privacy policies. We do comply with the national and state laws that are applicable on our itineraries.

We ensure that all bookings with us are absolutely safe, secure and private.

We collect your personal and travel information based purely on your bookings. We collect details like your full name, contact information, residential address, email address, fax number and billing information during member registration and online bookings. We also require information with regards to your preferences in terms of preferred airline, destination and travel period. These informative details are of key importance to ensure the correct booking. Rest assured, we preserve all information with the highest levels of safety and security.

We also automatically gather information about your computer details, including the server, IP address, referring website and browser. This information is gathered for no other reason than to ensure your protection from fraud.

We use your personal information, like name and contact details to process your bookings, send confirmations, manage your account and provide other essential notifications about your bookings. We also use your information for sending you promotional emails and offers, so that you can take advantage of all of our travel related opportunities.

The most important information collected from you is your billing details, which includes your credit card or payment transaction details. We understand the sensitivity of disclosing this information, however, we cannot avoid collecting these details for the purpose of processing your travel bookings. The card number, card holder name, expiry date and the card verification value number at the back of the card are essential, but we ensure to restrict the use solely for your bookings.