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Please Read These Terms & Condition Carefully

It is your sole responsibility to provide all correct details to us (including contact, passenger and billing information).

Passenger's should be provided exactly as they appear on state issued photo ID in case the travel is within USA and as per passport in case the travel is outside USA.

Once the reservation is confirmed the names on ticket cannot be changed as per airline policies, name correction of up to 3 letters may be allowed by certain airlines however there may be an additional fee applied.

Incorrect names on the ticket may lead to passengers being denied from boarding the flight.

Accurate contact information is required to be entered to make sure that we are able to reach you whenever required (Be it a schedule change in the flight, any issues with payment or even to send you the confirmation email)

If any details entered on the website or over the phone is found to be incorrect post the reservation is confirmed leads to booking being canceled/fare hike/denied boarding will be your sole responsibility.